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Regular Expression Basics

Note: I prepared the following notes for a presentation/workshop that I recently gave at work to the UI Engineer community. Terms Regular Expression – a pattern describing a certain amount of text It is case sensitive. Literal character – a character we want to find Metacharacter – a character which does the finding Metacharacters All […]

Object Oriented Programming

Not actually being a back end developer, I lack some helpful concepts for the relatively small amount of programming that front end developers do (JavaScript primarily). And one concept that has always eluded me a bit is "Object Oriented Programming". What, my friends, is an object?! I had never really heard it defined. I just […]

A Few Terms

Front End Developer – someone who specializes in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. User Experience Designer – someone who specializes in one or more of the following: user research, user testing, information architecture, usability, wireframing, prototyping, or visual design.

How to Explain “User Experience” to Your Mom

“User Experience” is an awfully vague term. We’re all users. And we all experience. It appears that everything in life is user experience. Talk about not differentiating anything from anything. Now that I want to be a User Experience Designer, I need to be able to explain this concept to both techies and non-techies (because […]