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Published Chrome Extension: Generate the Optimum jQuery Selector

I published my first Chrome Extension yesterday: It can also be found on GitHub: There’s certainly a Phase 2 or Phase 3 worth of features I’d like to add, to make it far more valuable, and I don’t think it’s totally bug free, but, “beta version” is live. Enjoy!

Super Awesomeness: snippets in Sublime Text, dollar signs and more First, I had the issue of a new snippet not appearing when I tried to insert it. And then, the above page not only fixed that but shows how to insert as many cursor insertion points into the code snippet as you would like (to tab through them). I was hoping that could be […]

Code Playgrounds and Placing JavaScript at the bottom of each WordPress page

I tested about 5 code playgrounds today: – winner CSS Deck was the winner for various reasons: when the code is embedded in another site, you can view multiple panes of code at once and each pane has line numbers. The others do some great things but not both of […]

Sublime Text 2

I just downloaded and installed, and partially configured, Sublime Text 2. Notepad++ wasn’t as robust as I wanted, and I like the idea of an IDE that is more configurable than Dreamweaver. And Sublime Text 2 has come with a lot of fanfare. I’ve stuck with Dreamweaver so long partially because it is as configurable […]