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Creative Layouts

I haven’t posted in a while but felt the need to post this: Their layout and interactions are unique but not unintuitive – definitely creative and certainly thought provoking for considering more new/different/effective layouts and animations. And I probably like this one because it looks a lot like my site. That said, it does […]

Example: full-screen, responsive animation/interaction done well I haven't fully looked into this, or looked at the code much, but the user experience (at least on desktop) is pretty great. This is an example of using some trends – full-screen images, snapping-to, and some animation and video – well. It's easy to use trends/"new exciting things" poorly, but this site is […]

Don’t Make Me Think

“Don’t Make Me Think” is a book that takes it’s own medicine. Steve Krug is the author and it is probably the most well known book in the field of Usability. (In the larger field of UX, I imagine the most well known book is “The Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman.) This book […]

How to Explain “User Experience” to Your Mom

“User Experience” is an awfully vague term. We’re all users. And we all experience. It appears that everything in life is user experience. Talk about not differentiating anything from anything. Now that I want to be a User Experience Designer, I need to be able to explain this concept to both techies and non-techies (because […]