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I haven’t posted in a while but felt the need to post this:

Their layout and interactions are unique but not unintuitive – definitely creative and certainly thought provoking for considering more new/different/effective layouts and animations.

And I probably like this one because it looks a lot like my site. That said, it does things my site doesn’t, and I appreciate it’s uniqueness:

This is an interesting layout, also with some great animation, but it doesn’t work on all breakpoints. Probably just needed a bit more work.

Appropriate, smart use of the full-screen approach – beautiful for this journalistic enterprise.

Love this as an excellent example of responsive design. Also the particular design elements they chose aren’t obvious, so it’s a nice deviation from the normal (for example, no use of the hamburger icon).

Super fun use of a map and a very creative UI in general:

Fabulous layout (albeit not that new) combined with video in a very effective manner:

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