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Object Oriented Programming

Not actually being a back end developer, I lack some helpful concepts for the relatively small amount of programming that front end developers do (JavaScript primarily). And one concept that has always eluded me a bit is "Object Oriented Programming". What, my friends, is an object?! I had never really heard it defined. I just […]

Super Awesomeness: snippets in Sublime Text, dollar signs and more First, I had the issue of a new snippet not appearing when I tried to insert it. And then, the above page not only fixed that but shows how to insert as many cursor insertion points into the code snippet as you would like (to tab through them). I was hoping that could be […]

HTML5 Resources

Was utilizing these today. Will keep this post updated with major HTML5 helps. Mozilla Developer Network HTML5 Element List A bit of theory: The Importance of HTML5 Sectioning Elements More theory: The Truth About Multiple H1 Tags in the HTML5 Era