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Who Woulda Known

In my typical fashion, I'm going to create a new blog post to retain information that should be managed in a different way in the hopes that someday I add that missing functionality.

Goal (in the far off nebulous but very happy future):
Add a "Who Woulda Known" section to my site to record the quirks and anomolies that drive us nuts. Or at least me. I'm sure others could benefit too. For now, all such content will go below.


  1. In WordPress, if using a child theme and you want to update an include file (from the parent theme) and it just isn't working, then check the path to that file. If it is get_template_directory(), change it to get_stylesheet_directory(). Works like a charm.


    1. Source:
    2. If you are in functions.php and overriding the parent theme, use get_stylesheet_directory_uri().

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