Amanda Olsen

Front End Developer User Experience Enthusiast


Technologies: JSON/JSONP

Craftsman and Kenmore JSONP Ad System

Completed: May 17, 2013

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Tell me more: I built a JSONP system for managing/displaying ads across both and Besides allowing the ability to schedule the ads, in various groups and as single ads, the system also generates the appropriate Ominture tags for each link on every single ad. Each tag is completely unique. The system as a whole saves much time in managing hundreds of ads weekly/monthly that are added/removed across both sites. The system is also so flexible that it could be easily applied to any other site.

Technologies: CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON/JSONP Category Page Template

Completed: June 1, 2012

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Tell me more: needed a template for all category level pages. I developed this using a semi-responsive layout.